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YAY FOR AMERICA! The fourth of July is always a great reminder of how lucky we all are to be free from tyranny! Free to be pirates if we want to, or to eat meat and drink beer and blow shit up! ‘Murica, the land of the free and home of the Jell-O-shot. There is a long and interesting history of pirates and privateers fleeing the waters of the British Empire to be free and trade (or steal) where ever they pleased. There is hidden treasure and buried loot every where along the eastern shores and islands. I made some of my very own treasure this Independence day, and although red white and blue were the 13 colonies colors, anyone can claim them. The American flag stands for freedom and I’m all about that.. that and rum. I’m all about that too. See my patriotism below: I made 160 but I think 90 would do just fine for a righteous pirate party. This takes time so start early… like the afternoon before you need them.


  • 2 3 oz package of blue jello
  • 2 3 oz package of cherry jello
  • 4 packets of knox gelatin
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups cherry rum
  • 2 cups whipped cream rum
  • 2 cups coconut rum (I chose the captain morgan brand…of course)
  • about 90 jello shot cups.

………Jell-O magic:

  1. first, set up the cups on trays of some kind so you can transport them to a fridge
  2. get fridge ready – make some space for these suckers cause they are gonna need it
  3. in a pot boil 2 cups water
  4. add cherry jello, let it dissolve, add 2 cups cherry rum
  5. allow it to cool and pour a layer into the cups- try not to spill that shit everywhere… good luck with that.
  6. carry them to the fridge ….carefully.
  7. while they are setting (the package says 4 hours but they could be ready in 2-3 hours) have a party.. drink some shots.. what ever. IMG_0314
  8. continue this routine with the white but use the condensed milk and coconut milk instead of water to boil. Remove Add knox and stir until dissolved… then remove from heat, add coconut rum. Let it cool,
  9. and pour it into cups carefully not to disturb the red layer. Use a spoon to be safe.
  10. put the trays in the fridge again for several hours. Have some more shots! At this point we let the kids practice bartending for us. IMG_0591
  11. Now boil the 2 cups of water for the blue
  12. remove from heat and add blue jello, dissolve, add whipped cream rum, cool,
  13. go get the trays out and use a spoon to pour.
  14. fridge.
  15. drink some shots

Tomorrow the shots should be ready for lids and transport. They should stay firm whilst sitting out for a long time. I like to stack them for a more patriotic effect.

Arrrrrrhmerica! Fuckyeah!


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Cherry bombs with lemon sugar

Yes… I know any old scurv can make jell-o, but you would be surprised how many people don’t use the correct ingredients. It’s supposed to have RUM, come on people. The trick to getting ALL your friends to “lick them out” instead of digging around with their fingers like cave people, is Rim them with Lemon Sugar. This pic shows them with the lemon sugar on top…that’s because I had too much rum whilst making them and almost forgot. I know, I know. Ammature.  Great for parties and even just for a Friday night alone…. with the kids. Like tonight. Drink up me hearties yoho!


  • 2 packs of cherry jell-O
  • 1 bottle of rum – my favorite is http://www.krakenrum.com/ (yes you need the whole bottle…you will make more some day)
  • cold water (that shit comes right out of the sink, its amazing)
  • 2 lemons
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • a rimmer – yea like the margarita things.. this Is important or you will have to just drop the sugar on top like the pic.http://www.amazon.com/DOZENEGG-Margarita-Cocktail-Glass-Rimmer/dp/B000FUJ2LI
  • red bing cherries sliced in half and pitted
  • roses lime juice
  • shot cups from party store & a tray or 3 to put them on in fridge

…..Suga suga

  1. zest lemons into a cup
  2. mix zest with a little lemon juice…not  a lot.
  3. mix with sugar, stir it up little darling
  4. freeze over night so the sugar becomes “infused”

The magic:

  1. boil 2 cups water
  2. set cups out on the trays (like 30 or so… I actually never counted.. whoops)
  3. drop a cherry half in each cup (drink a shot)
  4. add 2 packages of Jell-O to the boiled water (now turned off and taken off heat) and stir
  5. add 2 cups rum (drink a shot)
  6. pour into cups but don’t fill to top
  7. chill over night  (do shots!)
  8. with roses lime juice in it, then dip into the lemon sugar
  9. serve them hush puppies!
  10. Do a demonstration on how to properly do a Jell-O shot. like this dirty little devil here

Hopefully you made some boring non alchie ones for the kids… if not.. bad form! They like Jell-O shots too.