About the Captain…

First things first, I’m a realist. I am one tattooed mother, a “pin up” wife, with the mouth of a pirate, the mind of a Virgo, and heart of a foodie.  I am a passionate caterer, Personal meal prep chef, and pop up restaurant chef, with almost 2 decades of experience under my service belt.  I have been certified by the state of Texas as a food manager / handler since 2016 and have had my TABC certification valid since 1999.  I rent a local commercial kitchen to prepare my goods, and I have taken several culinary training courses.

 I am also a part time candle maker, and own and operate a small family Oil and Gas operating company as well. I am a wearer of costumes, planner of parties, tripper of roads, mixer of cocktails, and slave to my animals. I might not be every ones cup of tea, but I’d rather be a few peoples shot of rum anyway.

Fore warning: I write like I speak, I do not sugar coat anything, unless its edilble. I over use unnecessary punctuation all. The. Damn. Time! I’m blogging because everyone asks for my recipes and I am happy to be an over sharer. If you want to read about a slightly funny, real life person, cooking what ever the fuck is in the fridge, theme nights, KETO recipes, Saucesomeness, skull food, and a lot of badass brunch…. While also throwing in some random memes and videos whilst taking shots…I be your girl.

Most people like to cook, but I love to cook, I love to make my food gorgeous. I cook when I’m happy, when I’m pissed, when I’m bored, when I’m hungry of course, and when I’m so busy all I can do is procrastinate and cook instead. I always make too much, but usually give all my food creations away because I want to share it with the world. (Insert early 90’s coca cola song here). I’ve got too many ideas…. I must create or I will implode! I am all about promoting local, buying local, sharing and supporting each others small business and dreams. I Hope that someone can find some buried treasure within my madness. I am a little bit extra, and a lot of fun. Friendship is welcome.  What is NOT welcome is bullshit and judgery. Cause we all know…. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.  I am currently one half of the culinary wonder team “The Saucy Broads” catering and events are our game, KETO is our fame! I hope to help you on your journey, where ever that may lead you. 

Also, I might be an excessive picture taker. Follow me on Instagram The Bomb Noms


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2 thoughts on “About the Captain…”

  1. I happened upon your blog today. What gives?? I love it, and there’s nothing recent. Boooooo. Come back! (said in a croaky Kate Winslet voice) Come back! (stronger) COME BACK! (blows whistle)
    Please. 🙂

    1. I have been taking a small blogging hiatus to pursue a catering / pop up dinner food biz. I will return! Thank you for your support and pray I don’t tank like the damned titanic. 🙂

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