About the Captain…

First things first, I’m a realist. I am one tattooed mother, a “pin up” wife, with the mouth of a pirate, the mind of a Virgo, and heart of a foodie.  I have been passionate about being a caterer, Personal meal prep chef, and pop up restaurant chef, with almost 2 decades of experience under my service belt.  I have been certified by the state of Texas as a food manager / handler since 2016 and have had my TABC certification valid since 1999.  I rent a local commercial kitchen to prepare my goods, and I have taken several culinary training courses.

 I am also a kava bar manager at Houstons only sober tiki lounge, located in Old Town Spring.  I dabble in candle making, wine and kombucha fermenting, and own and operate a small family Oil and Gas operating company as well. I am a wearer of costumes, planner of parties, tripper of roads, mixer of cocktails, and slave to my animals. I might not be every ones cup of tea, but I’d rather be a few peoples shot of rum anyway.

Fore warning: I write like I speak, I do not sugar coat anything, unless its edilble. I over use unnecessary punctuation all. The. Damn. Time! I used to  blog here because everyone asked for my recipes and I am happy to be an over sharer. If you want to read about a slightly funny, real life person, cooking what ever the fuck is in the fridge, theme nights, KETO recipes, Saucesomeness, skull food, and a lot of badass brunch…. While also throwing in some random memes and videos whilst taking shots…from several years ago…. this is the place. lol. 

Most people like to cook and pour, but I love it …. it is in the fabric of who I am. I am also all about promoting local, buying local, sharing and supporting each others small business and dreams. I Hope that someone can find some buried treasure within my madness. I am a little bit extra, and a lot of fun. Friendship is welcome.  What is NOT welcome is bullshit and judgery. Cause we all know…. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.  I hope to help you on your journey, where ever that may lead you. 

Also, I might be an excessive picture taker. Follow me on Instagram The Bomb Noms







2 thoughts on “About the Captain…”

  1. I happened upon your blog today. What gives?? I love it, and there’s nothing recent. Boooooo. Come back! (said in a croaky Kate Winslet voice) Come back! (stronger) COME BACK! (blows whistle)
    Please. 🙂

    1. I have been taking a small blogging hiatus to pursue a catering / pop up dinner food biz. I will return! Thank you for your support and pray I don’t tank like the damned titanic. 🙂

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