Chocoberry Love Pie

12 Jun
Chocoberry Love Pie

I am not a chocoholic, but a healthy dose of chocolate gets consumed during holidays on deck. Since chocolate goes well with savory items (and wine)… I am saddened to hear this conspiracy theory is true. WTF?!  (READ BELOW to find out). I must make a chocolate crème brulee or some fudgy berry brownies or something to celebrate the fact that we have it now! Or maybe I will finally order those luxorious little treats from
for myself. Because I love myself THATdamn much. Long live Chocolate!

Now how are we going to have sexy food night without the chocolate sauce? Break out the caramel….

Food Fellowship and Wine

Because pretty soon you might not get the chance…

We all heard the rumours. We all thought it was fear-mongering. We all believed it was a lie. No, the Cocoa Crises is very true and estimates show that by the end of 2015, chocolate might very well be a very rare delicacy reserved only for the richest of the rich. The problem is that the world consumes chocolate much faster than it takes to grow cocoa (we get it, everyone wants some sweetness to their lives). Add some draughts, natural, health and political disasters in the homes of the cocoa plant that are generally found in struggling countries, and the production line of the much-loved treat is going up a very, very steep hill struggling to satisfy the cravings the world over. Now I know this is the wrong stance to take in terms of conservation, but I’m sorry, when it…

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