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Skull cakes with jam brains!

Hells yeah I did! Duncan Hines gave me their amaze balls blue velvet cake mix, so I baked that shit up. Then I scooped out the heads and filled them with home made wild black berry jam brains & iced those bastards with powdered bone dust. Alright… It’s all sugar. So, the brains are made with some hand picked black berries & some fruit based hot sauces all squished together and low boiled with rum, (of course) honey and lemon oil. I’ll post my “sour patch jam” recipe later… Cause it’s the bomb yo!

I fuckin loooove my skull mold / pan found here:http://www.inkedshop.com/3-d-skull-mini-cake-pan.html   I use it for pizza, cakes, jello… And more. (Secrets….I’ve got’em.)

Here is the sauce info: thanks to http://eldoradosauce.com/ & http://bravadospice.com/ and mother nature, I made a berry jam that was literally ….. to die for. muahahahahahahaaa…muahahahahahahaa.!

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